Schoolfundr helps you stop giving Vertical Raise 20% of the funds you raise

At Schoolfundr, we enable school communities to keep 100% of the funds they raise less standard online processing fees.

✓ No platform fees         ✓ No contracts         ✓ Best in class support

See how much you would keep fundraising with Schoolfundr vs Vertical Raise

Schoolfundr does not have a 20% platform fee, but rather lets you keep 100% of the funds you raise less credit card fees.  That is why school communities raise and keep thousands more when fundraising with Schoolfundr.

Number of Participants
Avg. Funds Raised per Participant
Total Raised
Funds raised
% of funds kept
Funds kept
Funds raised
% of funds kept
Funds kept
Keep $4,290 more with Schoolfundr vs Vertical Raise

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3 reasons schools choose Schoolfundr over Vertical Raise

Best in class
platform and features

Raise more with less work with features such as customized student pages, 1-click social media sharing, and the ability to effortlessly run activity based a-thon fundraisers.

Best in class customer service and support

A dedicated fundraising coach accessible via cell phone to guide  you through the fundraising process and help maximize the impact of your campaign.

Best in class
economic model

Keep 100% of the funds you raise, less standard credit card processing fees. Get your funds right after your fundraiser ends.

Pay Less

Schoolfundr pricing vs Vertical Raise

Schoolfundr is free - no subscription plans, tiers, or platform fee on every dollar that you raise - while Vertical Raise requires users to sacrifice 20% of every dollar raised.  

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Always transparent
Free forever thanks to optional donor tips
No upfront costs
Platform fee
Free forever
Of every dollar
Payment processor fee
2.9% + 30 c
Transparent pricing
No contracts/penalties

What customers are saying who switched from Vertical Raise to Schoolfundr

"I'm thrilled that my teams are now with Schoolfundr. Our boy's basketball team raised just under $8,000 and retained $7,650. Last year, that same program raised $6,750 with another company, but $2,250 was deducted, leaving only $5,400. I'm delighted to work with a company that not only allows us to keep all the funds we raise but also assures donors that their contributions go directly toward the cause. Thank you, Schoolfundr!”

Tyler Zappia

Athletic Director

Compare Schoolfundr features to Vertical Raise

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Platform Fees
Transaction Fees
2.9% + 30c
Transparent Pricing
Easy to Use Interface
Personalized Participant Pages
1-Click Sharing
Automated Fundraiser Updates
CSV Exporting
A-thon Fundraising Tools
Per Unit Donation Functionality
Custom Social Media Graphics
Dedicated Support and Advisor
Already a customer of Vertical Raise

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Easily import your historical data to Schoolfundr when you switch—hassle-free and completely self-service. Keep building on your success immediately rather than starting from scratch or waiting for a data transfer.



No contracts, no fees