Activity based donations (A-thons)

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper trackers and spreadsheets. Whether it is a walk-a-thon, lift-a-thon, free-throw-a-thon, or dance-a-thon, let Schoolfundr seamlessly manager your next activity based fundraiser.

Unleash potential with A-thons

Whether it is a run-a-thon, read-a-thon, walk-a-thon, swim-a-thon, or any other a-thon, Schoolfundr makes it easy to manage your activity based fundraiser. Activity based a-thon fundraisers on average raise 87% more than traditional fundraisers.

Celebrate together and engage loved ones

Foster a strong school community by tracking achievements, sharing student journeys, and inviting friends and family to contribute.

Customize for success

Inspire learning and growth through our user-friendly platform which enables you to create unique a-thons tailored to your schools needs. We help you personalize, incentivize with rewards, and run activities designed to empower students and drive results.

Trusted by thousands of schools and organizations

Stop giving away 20% of the funds you raise.  Talk to one of our fundraising specialists today to get started.
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