Schoolfundr is the school fundraising platform that helps Parent Teacher Organizations raise more and keep 100% of the funds raised

Schoolfundr is designed specifically for PTA and PTO’s to help you raise more funds with less work.  With Schoolfundr, gone are the days of platforms taking 20% or more of your fundraising efforts.  You raised it, you keep it!

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What is Schoolfundr?

Schoolfundr is a free, simple way to raise money.  It's built for teachers, coaches, and parents — so you can spend your time on students, not on fundraising.

What we believe

We believe all students should have the resources they need to reach their full potential. That's why we make it easy for friends and family to support classrooms and teams all across the country with our online platform.

Why use Schoolfundr?

Our tools are designed to help you raise more — faster. The simple and easy-to-use interface helps you rally donors with less work and less stress. Who knew it could be this easy?

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At Schoolfundr, we're committed to delivering outstanding service whenever you need it. We can’t wait to show you how our innovative platform can help transform your athletic department.

Talk to a fundraising specialist to let our fundraising experts share best practices and help you jump-start your fundraiser.

Designed specifically for PTAs and PTOs
to make fundraising easier than ever

Schoolfundr makes fundraising for your parent teacher organization easier than ever enabling a simple and hassle free experience for parents, teachers, administrators,  students, and donors. Schoolfundr simplifies PTO and PTA fundraising so you can focus on what matters - the students.

Create your page

No superhuman skills required.

Get the word out

Seamlessly share with friends and family.

Reach your goal

Raise money safely and securely.  No fees.

Why is Schoolfundr the perfect choice for PTA and PTO fundraising?

  • No platform fees

  • No contract, setup, or subscription costs

  • You keep everything you raise, minus standard credit card processing fees

  • We rely on optional tips from donors

  • Donors can easily make their donation without having to login or create an account

  • Dedicated fundraising expert to share best practices and be there every step of the way