Schoolfundr is Free, Forever.

Keep 100% of the funds you raise less standard online payment processing fees

School communities keep thousands more of the funds they raise with Schoolfundr.

The average Schoolfundr fundraiser saves $2,000 in fees vs previous fundraising companies. With Schoolfundr, you keep 100% of the funds you raise less payment processing fees charged by Stripe.

Number of participants
Avg. Funds Raised per Participant
Total Raised
Raise $10,000, Keep $9,700 with Schoolfundr

See how Schoolfundr compares to the other fundraising methods

VS Snap! Raise
less than with Schoolfundr
VS Vertical Raise
less than with Schoolfundr
VS Product Sales
less than with Schoolfundr

Additional funds kept by your organization with Schoolfundr


How is that possible?

Optional donor tips

Schoolfundr is funded by optional tips. You won't be charged if a donor opts out.

Payment processing fees deducted

Standard online payment processing fees charged by our processor Stripe are passed through and deducted from donations

Nothing else

No contracts, hosting, or setup fees — only our free support, forever.

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Schoolfundr takes zero cut from funds raised

Our platform allows you to start and manage your fundraiser without any setup fees, contracts, or onboarding costs. 

What's the catch? Absolutely none. Schoolfundr is designed to assist students in raising more funds and keep what they raise, ensuring they have the resources needed to fulfill their potential.

A percentage graph representing the full amount raised and the slice kept.
Chart showcasing Stripe brand surrounding payment methods

Processing fee

Like all online transactions, there is a processing fee for each donation charged by our payment processor Stripe. This fee charged by Stripe covers the costs associated with processing credit and debit card transactions safely and securely.

Stripe applies a processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30, which is deducted from each donation. Fundraiser managers have complete transparency regarding the funds raised and the fees subtracted, to the exact penny.

**Offline cash and check donations do not incur any processing fees.

Voluntary tipping by donors

Donors are invited to support Schoolfundr through voluntary tips. These contributions enable us to develop our product, and amplify our positive impact on the community.

Tipping is entirely optional. Regardless whether your donors leave an optional tip, you will keep every dollar donated less Stripe processing fees.