What is Schoolfundr?

Schoolfundr is a free, simple way to raise money. It’s built for teachers, coaches, and parents — so you can spend time on students, not on fundraising.
We believe all students should have the resources they need to reach their full potential. We make it easy for friends and family to support classrooms and teams.

How does it work?

Raise more with less work. Its simple:

Create your page: Create your campaign in a personalized way, no superhuman skills are required. Tell your story and start raising money in no time, without hassle.
Get the word out: Share your campaign with friends and family on social media to grow your funding.
Reach your goal: Raise your money safely and securely without any fees. Receive your money when your campaign ends.

Who is Schoolfundr for? What can I raise money for?

For teachers, coaches, and parents who need to raise money without fees. Raising for classroom supplies, field trips, and team sports equipment are the most popular, but there are no restrictions - raise money for what your community needs most!

How much does Schoolfundr cost? (Tips, fees, and our commitment to 100% transparency)

Schoolfundr is completely free, with no contracts, no subscription plan, and no surprise fees.
SchoolFundr is able to provide free fundraising services thanks to tips we receive from donors.
A standard processing fee is subtracted by the payment processor and allows your funds to be securely deposited into your account at the end of your fundraiser.

How do I withdraw funds?

SchoolFundr will hold you funds safely until your fundraiser has ended and you are ready to withdraw it. You can collect your funds directly to your bank account or a debit card via Stripe, or we can mail you a physical check.

How do you keep fundraised money safe?

Schoolfundr features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Your donors’ online payments are safe, and your money is stored securely until you’re fundraiser is over and you are ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer or check.

Do I need to sign up to donate?

No! When you share the link with your community they can donate directly in just a few clicks with no need to sign up or log in.

Is it really free to use?

Schoolfundr is and always will be free to use. Because of the generosity of optional tips from your donors, Schoolfundr is able to offer its platform 100% free.

Can I add participants to my campaign?

Yes! We've made it easy to add your students or partisipants to your funraisers and give them each a dedciated fundraiser page.  It is easy to invite them to join via email, link, or manually.  Otherwise, if its easier for you, we will be happy to add your participants for you if you send a CSV with the names and emails to support@schoolfundr.com

Do I have to pay extra for customer support?

Never. At Schoolfundr, great support is available to you no matter what you are raising for. We even give you a dedicated fundraising advisor you can ask questions to whenever you like. Whether you are troubleshooting or brainstorming, we’ll have a live human there to support you along the way.

How can I get additional help?

Still have questions? We are here to help every step of the way. Visit our Schoolfundr Blog, check out our help center or get in touch with our support team

Can I track cash/check payments?

Yes, you can add an offline donation (cash or check) to your Schoolfundr fundraiser and we will include it in your fundraisers progress towards reaching your goal.

What fees are my donators charged at checkout?

None! That is the beauty of Schoolfundr.  Not only are there no fees for you, there are no fees for the donor.  All we ask is for an optional tip to help keep Schoolfundr free to use.