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At Schoolfundr, we're all about helping schools raise the funds they need to help students succeed in the classroom. Roosevelt Middle School really knocked it out of the park using the Schoolfundr platform, smashing their fundraising goals. This year, every single dollar raised went straight back to the RMS students, adding up to an amazing $20,000 that's making a real difference in students' lives for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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“The platform is extremely easy to use, but our rep was exceptional at introducing it, helping setting up our fundraiser and checking in and offering help consistently. The logistics and philosophy of this platform over other similar ones are beneficial to any group's fundraising efforts.”

Tracey Nardone

Fundraiser Leader - High Roosevelt Middle School

What the funds will support

  • 7th & 8th grade end of year trips

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You raised it. You keep it.  Gone are the days of platforms taking 20% of your fundraising efforts.
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At Schoolfundr, we believe in empowering school communities to achieve their goals. That's why we offer free fundraising tools that simplify the process and save time and resources for teachers, coaches, and parents.

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Our platform is customizable and flexible, but requires minimal effort on your end.  Our simple tools enable you to quickly create personal fundraisings campaigns that address the specific needs of your team or group.

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We pride ourselves on being a fee-free way for school groups to fundraiser.  You keep 100% of the money raised, with only standard credit card processing fees deducted.  We reply on optional donor tips from the same donors that support your cause.