Key takeaway

Mountain Range Boys Basketball got tired of expensive platform fees eating into their fundraising goal. By using Schoolfundr, they kept over $2,000 more of the dollars they raised, allowing them to get new gear, team meals, and a shooting machine.

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"I'm thrilled that my teams are now with Schoolfundr. Our boy's basketball team raised just under $8,000 and retained $7,650. Last year, that same program raised $6,750 with another company, but $2,250 was deducted, leaving only $5,400. I'm delighted to work with a company that not only allows us to keep all the funds we raise but also assures donors that their contributions go directly toward the cause. Thank you, Schoolfundr!"

Tyler Zappia

Athletic Director

What the funds will support

  • New team gear for travel
  • Meals for the team
  • A shooting machine that will benefit the entire Mustangs Basketball Program

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You raised it. You keep it.  Gone are the days of platforms taking 20% of your fundraising efforts.
Players with the Champions Cup.
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