Key takeaway

Avon Grove boys soccer raised $8,600 with Schoolfundr, more than 1.75x what they raised with Snap! Raise last year. Not only did Avon Grove raise more this year with Schoolfundr, but they got to keep 100% of the funds they raised vs keeping only 80% with Snap. With Schoolfundr, Avon Grove was able to keep $8,300, which more than double the $4,000 they got to keep last year after paying the Snap fees.

Fundraiser highlights


Funds Raised


of their $6,000 goal


Donations Received


Average Donation

”Schoolfundr was very simple to use on the administrator end. Set up was simple and it was easy to see donations and participant stats. The donor page was clean and fast to use. I love how the individual members of the team can create their own pages so that their donors see a picture and message from them. The Schoolfundr team was very helpful and accommodating; their communication was clear and frequent. Steve was always willing to help even if it meant coming to the school to meet with the team or email daily updates as our campaign started. Using Schoolfundr was a great experience and we had a great fundraiser.”

Carrie Herman

Fundraiser Organizer

What the funds will support

  • New uniforms and warmups for the Varsity and JV teams

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You raised it. You keep it.  Gone are the days of platforms taking 20% of your fundraising efforts.
Players with the Champions Cup.
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