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Striding Towards Success

Schoolfundr Team
May 15, 2024

Madison Middle School's Spring Walk-a-thon Fundraiser with Schoolfundr

In a world where community and support are paramount, Madison Middle School's PTA recently organized a remarkable event that exemplified unity, camaraderie, and determination. The Madison Middle School (MMS) Spring Walk-a-thon, powered by Schoolfundr’s online fundraising platform, marked a triumphant return after the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This inspiring fundraiser not only met but exceeded its goal, raising an incredible $13,302 out of the initial target of $13,000. Let's dive into the heartwarming story of how Schoolfundr played a pivotal role in bringing this fantastic event to life.


A Vibrant Celebration of Community

On June 5th and 6th, the MMS track was transformed into a bustling hub of activity as students, parents, staff, and community members joined forces for the Spring Walk-a-thon. The excitement was palpable as the Panthers showcased their school spirit, enthusiasm, and determination to support their beloved school.

The Role of Schoolfundr

At the core of this successful event was Schoolfundr, the free to use fundraising platform that enables the seamless organization and execution of A-Thon events. The PTA and school administrators praised Schoolfundr for its user-friendly interface, which allowed them to effortlessly engage with families and students alike. From setting up the fundraiser to managing donations, Schoolfundr's platform proved to be an invaluable asset in making the event a grand success.

                        With Schoolfundr, Madison Middle School reached 103% of their $13,000 goal.

Supporting the Vision

The funds raised during the Walk-a-thon were dedicated to supporting a wide array of crucial programs that contribute to the holistic development of MMS students. The array of beneficiaries encompassed everything from teacher grants and after-school programs to student agenda pads and brand-new gym equipment. Additionally, the Walk-a-thon's success ensured the continuation of Teacher Appreciation Week and paved the way for unforgettable 8th-grade activities.

With eager determination, Madison Middle School students are completing their laps quickly, aiming to accelerate donations in support of their cause.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

The Walk-a-thon's success would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and support of the community. Paul Coppola, Assistant Principal, expressed his gratitude to Schoolfundr for its instrumental role in bringing back the first Walk-a-thon post-pandemic. He commended the platform's progressive approach and its contribution to engaging all families and students.

“The Madison 2023 Spring Walk-a-thon was a great success, thanks to the support of Schoolfundr. Schoolfundr made it seamless and easy for us to bring back the first Walk-a-thon since the Covid-19 pandemic. Dennis and his team were available and responsive every step of the way. Schoolfundr’s progressive and secure platform allowed the PTA and school to engage all of our families and students. We can't wait to run another school-wide fundraiser with Schoolfundr at the beginning of next school year.” 

                      -Paul Coppola, Assistant Principal

Katie Smolinsky, Vice President of the Madison Middle School PTA, also applauded Schoolfundr for enabling the event's resounding success, emphasizing that without their support, the fundraiser would not have been possible.

"The Madison Walk-a-thon Fundraiser was a highly successful event thanks to Schoolfundr. Without their support, there is no way we would have been able to hold the event, let alone reach our fundraising goal. I highly recommend Schoolfundr and we will definitely be using them again in the fall!"

                      -Katie Smolinsky, VP, Madison Middle School PTA

A Vision for the Future

As the Walk-a-thon concluded on a high note, it served as a testament to the strength of the Madison Middle School community and its commitment to nurturing the growth and well-being of its students. Looking ahead, plans are already in motion to organize another school-wide fundraiser with Schoolfundr at the beginning of the next school year, promising to build on the success and camaraderie of the Spring Walk-a-thon.

Enthusiastic students taking on yet another lap during the Walk-a-thon event, making every stride count for a brighter future!

The Madison Middle School Spring Walk-a-thon was a heartwarming celebration of unity, resilience, and generosity. The event not only surpassed its fundraising target but also brought the school community together to create lasting memories and support a wide range of vital programs. 

As the Panthers stride towards a brighter future, they do so with the knowledge that their community stands firmly united and dedicated to the betterment of their middle school experience. Thanks to Schoolfundr's innovative platform, the PTA and school administrators were able to effortlessly engage families and students, ensuring the Walk-a-thon's resounding success.  Together, they have proven that one step at a time, they can achieve great things.

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