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The LeGrand Coffee House Event

Schoolfundr Team
March 25, 2024

A Brew of Appreciation for Teachers

From left to right: Nicholas Ferroni, an educator and influencer, alongside Eric LeGrand, the coffee shop owner, and Dennis Levene, the CEO and Founder of Schoolfundr.

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our society, and it's heartwarming to see them receive the recognition they truly deserve. Recently, an inspiring event took place at the LeGrand Coffee House, a cozy and vibrant venue nestled in New Jersey. This event, in collaboration with Schoolfundr, brought together educators to celebrate the hard work and dedication of teachers.


Eric LeGrand, a champion both on and off the field, also shared his thoughts during the event. He emphasized his passion for helping school communities and expressed his excitement about partnering with Nicholas Ferroni, Schoolfundr, and Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ. Eric highlighted the importance of a robust fundraising platform for coaches and teachers and shared the ways his foundation has given back to the community. He looked forward to continuing this philanthropic journey to support education.

The Power of Collaboration

Eric LeGrand's collaboration with Schoolfundr is a testament to the power of individuals and organizations coming together to create positive change. LeGrand, who became paralyzed during a college football game, has dedicated his life to advocating for spinal cord injury research and supporting educational initiatives. His partnership with Schoolfundr demonstrates how people and companies can team up to make a real difference. This event, held on August 22nd, 2023 was not just about sipping great coffee; it was about acknowledging the profound impact teachers have on our lives. 

Nicholas Ferroni, a teacher who advocates for teachers, was a barista for the day at the LeGrand Coffee House Event

Teachers at the Heart of the Event

The heart of the event was undoubtedly the teachers themselves. Throughout the morning over 100 teachers streamed into the coffee shop, showing their teacher cards to get discounts on coffee, meeting new teachers, and signing up for an exciting raffle. As they mingled and chatted, they shared what it meant to them that individuals like Eric and Schoolfundr valued their hard work.

Raffle for a Cause

The event included a raffle with exciting prizes. Schoolfundr and the Teachers' Insurance Plan of New Jersey partnered with LeGrand to raffle off two $1,000 classroom makeovers to local teachers. This was not only to entice teachers to stop into the coffee shop, but also to provide teachers with funds to redo their classrooms. Along with two teachers winning $1,000 for classroom makeovers, the second-place winner received a $100 Amazon gift card with other winners receiving a $20 gift card to LeGrand Coffee House and a promo code allowing Schoolfundr to match the first $25 raised for each fundraiser started on the Schoolfundr platform.

Celebrating Grand Prize Winners

As the day progressed, the raffle was drawn, and two grand prize winners were announced. Their testimonials emphasized the profound impact that these prizes would have on their students. Nikki Karas, who is a physical education teacher in Perth Amboy, took home one of the giant checks. 

 "This is going to be my sixth year in Perth Amboy," Karas said.  "The kids know I spend a lot of money on them and I'm actually switching classrooms this year, so this is a huge thing for me."

Nikki Karas, one of the $1,000 winners, accepting her check for her classroom makeover.

Spreading Awareness

This event got a lot of positive media coverage which is essential for raising awareness about the challenges teachers face and the ways individuals and organizations can support them. Articles from ABC7NY, and Yahoo Finance shed light on the importance of this initiative, inspiring others to get involved in similar endeavors.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The LeGrand Coffee House event, in collaboration with Schoolfundr, truly embodied the spirit of appreciation for teachers, coaches, and well-funded school communities. It was a day filled with heartfelt conversations, appreciation for educators, and the promise of brighter futures for students.

This event serves as a reminder that supporting teachers and education is a collective effort. As we celebrate and uplift our educators, we also invest in the future of our society, one student at a time. We extend our sincere gratitude to the LeGrand Coffee House for their commitment to making a difference in the world of education. 

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