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Enhancing PTA Fundraising: Insights from Schoolfundr PTA Leaders

Schoolfundr Team
April 26, 2024

In a recent Schoolfundr webinar, Dennis Levine, our founder and CEO, led a discussion on effective PTA fundraising practices alongside Connecticut middle school PTA leaders Erin Bradshaw Kleinman and Katie Smolinsky.

Erin and Katie shared their fundraising adventures, highlighting the ups and downs they faced. The webinar shed light on the importance of the PTA's mission, the impact of fundraising efforts, and how digital platforms play a role in enhancing success. At its heart, the PTA aims to support students in their communities by offering financial assistance, providing them with the tools they need to succeed!

Q: What hurdles do PTA leaders encounter in fundraising?

A: PTA leaders face various obstacles in fundraising, such as low parent involvement, apathy among middle school students, and the limitations of conventional methods like merchandise sales and restaurant events. However, walkathons have proven to be a successful strategy for engaging students and raising funds.

Q: How has digital fundraising impacted PTA efforts?

A: Digital fundraising has revolutionized PTA campaigns, with platforms like Schoolfundr significantly aiding leaders like Erin and Katie. The platform's user-friendly interface, hands-off approach, and outreach capabilities have transformed PTA fundraising.

Q: What benefits does Schoolfundr offer for PTA fundraising?

A: Setting up a $5,000 fundraiser on Schoolfundr resulted in $6,000 raised within three weeks, surpassing the goal. The platform's mobile-friendly donation process and continuous support proved invaluable for PTA leaders. We raised $32,000 in a month using Schoolfundr, exceeding our previous walkathon records. The healthy competition among classrooms and students in the final weeks was motivating, showcasing the tangible impact of their contributions.

Q: How can PTA leaders collaborate with organizations like the Connecticut PTA?

A: Partnering with organizations such as the Connecticut PTA enables PTA leaders to navigate fundraising challenges, access resources, and receive guidance from experienced peers throughout the process.

Q: How can PTA leaders effectively communicate the impact of their fundraising?

A: PTA leaders can convey the impact of fundraising by sharing success stories and showcasing how funds support school initiatives. Utilizing visual aids like photos and videos, along with testimonials, helps demonstrate the positive outcomes of their efforts.

Q: What stood out to you about using Schoolfundr for fundraising?

A: Customizing fundraising messages to engage parents was a highlight, along with the platform's user-friendly interface that allowed for a hands-off approach, enabling focus on volunteering and engaging with the school community.

This webinar illuminated the ins and outs of PTA fundraising in middle schools. Schoolfundr platform stood out as a game-changer, providing a smoother and more impactful way for online fundraising. To watch the full webinar, visit Schoolfundr on YouTube!

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