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Breaking Free from the 20% Fundraising Trap

Schoolfundr Team
March 25, 2024

Breaking Free from the 20% Fundraising Trap

The Impact of Fundraising Platforms: Enhancing Resources and Empowering Organizations

Fundraising plays a vital role in supporting organizations and uplifting communities. The choice of fundraising platforms significantly impacts the resources available to these organizations. In the past, it was common for fundraising platforms to deduct 20% of the raised funds, leaving organizations with limited resources and unmet needs. In this blog post, we delve into the behind-the-scenes reality of this 20% deduction, exploring its impact on youth sports programs. We shed light on the challenges faced by coaches, parents, and, most importantly, the kids.

The True Cost of 20% Deductions in Fundraising: A Struggle for Resources

Fundraising platforms appeared convenient for many organizations, allowing them to avoid the hassle of physical sales. However, the 20% deduction came at a high cost. Losing over $20,000 meant sacrificing essential resources such as field lights, new uniforms, equipment, and even basic amenities like snacks. What initially seemed acceptable soon turned into frustration and disappointment as the actual cost became apparent.

Exploring Fee-Free Platforms and Their Benefits: Retaining The Funds You Raised

Many coaches and organizations were unaware of alternative fundraising platforms that don't charge any fees. This lack of awareness kept them trapped in the cycle of losing 20% of their hard-earned funds. In reality, fee-free platforms empower organizations to retain every cent they raise, ensuring that the money directly supports their causes. Breaking free from the 20% fundraising trap is not only possible but also a game-changer for organizations striving to maximize their impact.

The Toll of Losing 20% in Fundraising Efforts: Challenges Faced by Coaches and Parents

Coaches, Athletic Directors, and administrators faced a daunting dilemma. They wanted to focus on coaching and supporting their athletes, rather than navigating through endless fundraising meetings and dealing with the emotional toll of disappointed parents. The 20% deduction not only affected the resources available to the teams but also dampened the motivation of coaches and parents alike, hindering the overall success of the programs.

How Changing Platforms Revolutionized Our Organization: Reclaiming the Full Value

Recognizing the need for change, some organizations embarked on a fundraising revolution. By switching to fee-free platforms, these organizations transformed their fundraising efforts, reclaiming the full value of their hard work. With newfound financial freedom, they could invest in essential resources like never before, creating a positive ripple effect throughout their programs. The fundraising revolution not only empowered these organizations but also inspired others to reconsider their approach, fostering a community of support and shared success.

Embracing a New Era of Fundraising: Breaking Free from the 20% Trap

The era of losing 20% to fundraising platforms is coming to an end. Organizations, coaches, parents, and athletes are awakening to the possibilities offered by fee-free platforms, enabling them to achieve their goals without compromising their hard-earned funds. As awareness spreads and more organizations make the switch, the landscape of fundraising is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. It's time to break free from the 20% fundraising trap and embrace a new era where every dollar raised directly contributes to the betterment of youth sports programs and the lives of the athletes they serve.

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