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Advantages of Activity-Based Fundraisers with Schoolfundr

Schoolfundr Team
June 28, 2024

Advantages of Activity-Based Fundraisers

Fundraising is crucial for charitable causes and organizations that are constantly evolving to maximize their impact. Activity-based fundraisers stand out due to their dynamic engagement and outstanding results. Here’s why these innovative fundraisers are transforming the fundraising landscape.

Active Engagement

Unlike traditional fundraisers that end with a donation, activity-based fundraisers promote active involvement. They create a sense of unity and shared purpose, building a strong community around the cause. This collective effort not only amplifies the fundraiser's impact but also fosters lasting connections among participants, creating a ripple effect of support and empathy.

Higher Fundraising Potential

Activity-based fundraisers often result in higher funds raised due to active participant involvement and a broader reach. With individuals setting personal fundraising goals and engaging in friendly competition, these events lead to increased donations and overall fundraising success.

Increased Donor Investment

Participants in activity-based fundraisers commit to challenges or activities, resulting in a higher level of donor investment. Donors are more likely to contribute generously when they see the direct impact of their support and feel connected to the fundraising efforts.

Examples of Successful Schoolfundr Activity-Based Fundraisers

Stansbury High Football Lift-A-Thon Fundraiser - Coach Leslie's ambitious plans for Stansbury High Football hit a financial roadblock due to a lack of funds for tournaments and safety gear. Despite this, the team's unity and determination surpassed expectations. Through a successful lift-a-thon fundraiser, each grade level competed vigorously in completing bench press reps. This initiative raised 103% of their $15,000 goal, fostering teamwork and securing essential funds.

Porter Ridge Pirates Baseball Hit-A-Thon  - The Porter Ridge Pirates Baseball team's Hit-A-Thon exceeded expectations by raising 107% of their $8,000 goal. This event aimed to secure vital resources for the team's development, including facilities maintenance, protective gear, and practice equipment. Each player took 100 swings, receiving donations for successful hits, fostering unity and teamwork among participants and supporters.

Join the Movement of Activity-Based Fundraising

Activity-based fundraisers go beyond traditional methods. These events empower participants to embrace challenges, step out of their comfort zones, and create unforgettable memories. Whether it's organizing a talent show, hosting a bake-off competition, or coordinating a read-a-thon, there are numerous activity-based fundraising ideas to support meaningful causes.

Join the movement of activity-based fundraising and make a tangible impact with Schoolfundr.

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